I am joining Unity Technologies!

July 6, 2019

Me at IBM

After over 1 year University placement and almost 10 years employed at IBM, I have taken the difficult decision to leave behind the Big Blue and join Unity Technologies working in the Multiplay division!

At Multiplay, the worlds leading platform for video game servers, I’ll be working on a modern front-end for a world-class hybrid cloud platform in a very exciting industry that I’ve been wanting to always be a part of: video gaming. This company is the perfect blend of gaming and enterprise, which is exactly where my skillset lies.

Apex Legends

Multiplay are amazing at what they do. They were crucial to the launch of Apex Legends. I am extremely excited to join such a high performing company.

I will be sad to leave behind everyone at IBM, but I’ve gained a huge amount of valuable skills, both in technology and in personal, and in fact it’s because they’ve equipped me with all I need am I even able to make this leap.

So here is to the end of an era, and the start of something exciting.