Metal Gear Billy - My first Unity Game

June 27, 2020

I’ve been working at Unity for almost a year now, and one of the special events that the company hosts every year is Hackweek. During this annual 1 week event, most of the employees get the opportunity to work on a special innovative project of their choice, or spend the week in a Unity Bootcamp, learning how to use this amazing video game tool that so many great video games utilize for their success. I chose the latter, and built my first game.

It’s called Metal Gear Billy, and is hosted on There’s a link to the game below. I wanted to focus on 2D, and to learn deep skills like tilemap, lighting, collisions and menus. I wanted the game to feel polished, even though it’s far from complete. I feel I succeeded, and I will be looking forward to building on these skills when I take on more projects and game jams (I’m going to take on the GMTK game jam coming up soon).

With that, here’s my first game! Try to catch as many pigeons as possible, without getting too close that they fly away. The game is based on my own cat Billy, if that wasn’t obvious. Enjoy!