:wave: hey, I’m Andrew James Daniel.

Where I work

I am a full-stack Software Engineer. I work at Multiplay (part of Unity) developing great software to support video game developers and publishers.

Previously, I was an IBM Software Engineer developing full-stack cloud native enterprise applications such as IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Watson Compare & Comply, IBM API Connect and IBM i2 IAP.

My Skills and experiences

I specialise in front-end development, using React and Angular, using modern ES6+ with Flow or Typescript, using Redux and/or GraphQL, connecting to databases like Cloudant (CouchDB) or Mongo. I deploy using Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry onto IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix). I have worked in small and large teams, locally and across the world. I love learning and teaching all technologies.

I love bringing code and AI to young minds through Code Club and Machine Learning for kids, or corporate events like IBM Call for Code.

My life

I studied Computer Science (Games Technology) at Nottingham Trent University in the UK and graduated in 2009.

I am married and I love gaming, TV and movies along with playing Badminton and Snooker.

If you are interested in my professional career, let me direct you to my LinkedIn profile.

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